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Queer,Feminist,Sci-Fi Lover and Obsessed by the Electronic Music from the 80s.

Living in his own World,and making Electronic music since 2011.First as a Hobby but since 2019 as an Independent Artist.

Idlewood is based in Bordeaux,France.

Working Alone on her songs.

Her Works were shared by web radio,music blog.


Inspired by Frankie Goes To Hollywood,depeche Mode,Yazoo,Kraftwerk,Klaus Nomi,William Orbit,Pet Shop Boys,Brian Eno and many others,

Idlewood try to express her ideas, stories through Cinematic music using Vintage Synthesizers.

Idlewood try to create unique atmospheres for her songs,because each song share a different idea,story, opinion .

She is an Independent Artist who do everything by herself .

And Yay She's Writing this page Right Now.

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